S.N. Name
Auction Notice !! 
Documents required to apply for Indigenous Nationality Certificate/Card ! 
NFDIN Invitation for Proposal 2021/22 
Consultant service required ! 
NFDIN Program Proposal Invitation 2020/21 
Notice for Office Supply Enlistment (2020/021) ! 
PM Statement on the Occasion of International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples-2020 
The Prime Minister's meeting with NFDIN Vice Chairman  
Congratulation & welcome program to newly appointed NFDIN's Vice Chairman  
10  Language Policy Development & Mother Tongue Education on Local Governance, Nepal 
11  NFDIN employee donate fund for COVID-19 Pandemic ! 
12  NFDIN Executives tenure completion & farewell !! 
13  NFDIN 20th Steering Committee Meeting !! 
14  NFDIN 20th Steering Committee Meeting Postponed !! 
15  NFDIN State Level Mother Language Program ! 
16  NFDIN Lok Sewa (Civil Service) Preparatory Class Inauguration Program !! 
17  NFDIN Lok Sewa Civil Service Preparatory Class Commencement Notice ! 
18  Result of NFDIN Lok Sewa Preparation Class 
19  NFDIN LokSewa Preparation Classes Expression of Interest Notice (IInd) ! 
20  NFDIN Program Proposal Invitation 2019/20 
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