S.N. Name
International day of world indigenous peoples - NFDIN Program 2019 
NFDIN 19th Council Meeting !! 
State Act & Law towards indigenous nationalities program 
NFDIN 18th Council Meeting !! 
Mother Language Day 2019 (21 February, 2019) organized by NFDIN 
NFDIN 18th Establishment Day !! 
Intangible Cultural Heritage "Majipa Lakhe Dance" of Newar Indigenous Nationalities of Nepal 
NFDIN 17th Steering Committee Meeting ! 
NFDIN "International Mother Day 2018" Program 
10  NFDIN 16th Anniversary Program !! 
11  ICHCAP ICH Program 2017 of NFDIN 
12  मगर महिलाहरुलाई सिलाइ-कटाई तालिम सुरु 
13  NFDIN Budget Meeting for 2017 !!