Nomination request & collection of poems in mother tongue language service award !!

Government of Nepal

National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities

Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal

Nomination Request & Collection of Poems in Mother Language Service Award !!

NFDIN is awarding with prestigeous Mother Tongue Language Service Prize to a personnel who have worked and contributed in the field of mother tongue language, literature, creation (songs, music, film, documentary), to preserve and promote indigenous culture to recognize their work and effort. The nomination registration could be done by a person him/her self, by third party or through any organization whom he/she is associated with. The poems in their own indigenous mother tongue language for publication purpose are requested from the indigenous poets to submit in NFDIN office. Last deadline for candidate nomination registration and submission of  poems should recieved by 10th February, 2019 Sunday, 5:00pm.

For submission requirements and nomination form please click below the link. contact No:  98410 25805, 9841 218769